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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

In the UK, a tyre puncture is one of the leading causes of on-road accidents. Despite the abundance of DIY tyre repair kits, experts advise getting a puncture repair service at a reputable car workshop.

Are you searching for ‘puncture repairs near me’?

Then, we suggest you come to AS Tyres. We are a trustworthy car workshop providing cost-effective services of puncture repair Peterborough. Our garage offers quick and precise car tyre puncture repairs by combining innovations in the latest equipment with the experience of our highly-skilled mechanics.

We sincerely follow the BS AU 159 guidelines while repairing and guarantee the utmost safety without jeopardising vehicle performance.

What checks do we make before starting this service?

It is impossible to repair every sort of damage to an automobile tyre. In order to ensure that the tyres are repairable, our experts will perform a few examinations. The following are the checks:

  • Tyre tread depth should at least be 1.6mm
  • Tyre sidewalls should not have any damage
  • Tyres should be free from exposed cords.
  • The damaged area should be less than 6 mm

We begin with this service only if the tyres meet these conditions.

About our puncture repair Peterborough

We follow any of the three puncture-repairing procedures to conduct the service:

  • Plug
  • Patch
  • Plug and patch

The steps are as follows:

  • To start, we will remove your car tyre and mark the damaged location.
  • After that, we will create channels inside and outside the car tyre using a carbide mill cutter of 6 mm.
  • Next, we will clean the damaged region with a pre-buff cleaner and insert a patch to outline.
  • After applying a vulcanising solution to the puncture channel and buffing area, we implant a plug and patch to seal the area.
  • After that, we use an adhesive to seal the section and plug and patch the area.
  • Finally, after cutting the patch stem, we place the tyre back onto the wheel assembly.

We will check the tyre pressure level before returning the vehicle to you!

Hence, look no further for ‘puncture repairing near me’ and come to us.